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Poor Otis dead and gone, Left me here to sing his song. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Upgrade? [Apr. 30th, 2012|11:28 pm]
Why would i upgrade my live journal and lose my early adopter status.

Fuck that. I was here before all you haters.

Also, what the fuck, live journal?

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Troubles. [Mar. 16th, 2009|09:04 am]
Shankhill road (Protestant)

The Falls Road (Catholic)
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:'( [Mar. 2nd, 2009|09:38 pm]
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Mike Epps is the Ghetto Gyno [Jan. 30th, 2009|02:41 pm]

Fucking Hilarious. Mike epps and Ron Livingston are both great.

I recognize the girl from somewhere though.
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Israel and Palestine [Jan. 22nd, 2009|09:09 pm]
Probably the best article I've read on the topic in some time. And coming from the one and only Colonel Mu‘ammar al-Qaḏāfī. He does not propose partition or war, but the only logical solution for lasting peace. What is that ?. Tear down the walls and live as one country.

Tough, but we as people can do it. It has been done in many places, and this is a change I can believe in. Fairness to all.

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Ahh. Captain Placeholder [Jan. 14th, 2009|07:30 pm]
This song has been around for some time.

Its about a NPC in WarCraft for a time, see here Captain Placeholder

Some one did a song some time back and it was really good. But now someone has redone the song in a similar style but with great production values and a sweet machinima video to go alone with it.

Just such a good song for being about nothing. Zee-artz Zey happens like whoa. I just wish they could happen to me.
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The modern world. [Jan. 7th, 2009|09:04 pm]

This is the saddest thing I've ever posted. A police officer in San Francisco shoot this unarmed and restrained man in the back.

I posted this because after seeing this video, it filled me with such rage and anger that it really affected me. As such, while its not something i want to see again. It is something I want to remember. These things are happening more and more in the United States, and always to young black men.

'Fuck tha police
Comin straight from the underground
Young nigga got it bad cuz I'm brown
And not the other color so police think
They have the authority to kill a minority'
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Wow [Jan. 6th, 2009|04:26 pm]

SO i was listening to the deftones covering Skynrds "Simple Man". So i goto youtube to hear the original. THen i find this girl doing a cover of it in her bathroom. The guitar is rough, but wow can this girl sing!
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Dirty Xmas [Dec. 19th, 2008|10:22 am]

"in go the nuts"
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Hockey Sushi - Wierd name, great food. [Dec. 18th, 2008|02:30 pm]
Went to hockey sushi, for lunch today.

was very good. Super tasty, and cheap ( under $15 for AYCE Lunch ). There were 14 of us so there was alot of food ordered, alot gotten and even more eaten. My favorite was the spicy salmon and Tempura bit rolls.

Anyway, very recommend but its a bit of a pain with such a large group.

Took a long time too.
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